Mercer M24012PL 12" Pointed Sashimi Knife
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Mercer M24012PL 12" Pointed Sashimi Knife

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This long, strong Mercer M24012PL 12" pointed Sashimi knife will easily cut through large pieces of fish such as salmon and halibut. Also known as a yanagi or sujihiki knife, it is comparable to a western slicer, and is a valued tool in any kitchen that prepares Asian dishes. 

The knives from Mercer's Japanese-style professional knife collection are sure to become a favorite in your commercial kitchen. Each wood-stamped handle has the look of wood with the comfort and safety provide by a Santoprene, no-slip grip. The single edge blade is made of high carbon, German stain-free steel, guaranteeing its value for years to come. 

Blade Length: 12"

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