8 1/2" Mojito Bar Muddler with Tenderizer Head
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8 1/2" Mojito Bar Muddler with Tenderizer Head

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Release extraordinary fresh flavor combination directly into your mojitos and mixed drinks with this 8" mojito bar plastic muddler with tenderizer head! A must have for all bars, this muddler concocts various delectable drinks. Crush mint for mojitos, rosemary for whiskey, or fruit for fresh sangria. Featuring a distinct head with pyramid-shaped burls, this muddler is different from traditional rounded muddlers. Its grooved surface helps you achieve optimum results when muddling, providing rigidity which makes it particularly useful for fresh fruits! This muddler's long length also makes it useful in taller mixing glasses. Simply place your herbs or fruit in the bottom of your glass, add some simple syrup or alcohol, and use the head of this muddler to mash the herbs until their flavors are extracted into the perfect cocktail! Made of lighter weight black plastic than comparable polycarbonate, this muddler has a sleek look! Impress your guests with a cocktail using only the freshest of ingredients!

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 8"

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